Whole genome sequencing

Our Human Whole Genome Sequencing products offer the reliability and scalability to produce results you can trust for any size study. Combining the latest sequencing technology with the CloudHealth Genomic’s industry-leading capabilities in process design and informatics produces the highest quality, most scalable whole genome sequencing available.

Whole exome sequencing

Our Human Whole Exome Sequencing products provide you with the quality, reliability, and speed that come as a result of our experience sequencing more than a quarter million exomes. Optimized for depth and evenness of coverage, with high sensitivity to detect SNVs and indels, our exome services are available with guaranteed turnaround times of as little as 28 days.

Whole transcriptome sequencing

Our Whole Transcriptome Sequencing products offer a range of solutions tailored to your study's needs. Each product has been optimized to yield the highest quality, most reliable results for its given applications, from differential expression analysis to the discovery and identification of mutations and fusion transcripts, even in liquid biopsy, tFFPE and tissue samples.

Whole methylation sequencing

Our Whole Methylation Sequencing product can view methylation at practically every cytosine, utilizing small amounts of DNA, uncovering methylation patterns of CpG, CHH and CHG regions across the human genome.

Targeted sequencing

CloudHealth Genomics is able to draw on the vast knowledge of the Chinese research community to help provide customized genomic solutions catered to the local ecosystem. Whether you need assistance to design and develop your custom content into a fully validated assay performed in our certified genetic testing laboratory, or you need the flexibility of custom sequencing runs, with non-standard parameters - read lengths, primers or index sequences.