Hereditary pan-cancer genetic test

Cancer is a genetic disease caused by changes to genes. Approximately 5–10% of cancers are due to inherited genetic defects of cancer predisposition genes from a person's parents. Genetic tests can help estimate risks of developing cancer in one’s lifetime. Variants can be classified into pathogenic variants, benign variants, variants of uncertain significance and so on. Pathogenic variants may increase lifetime risks of cancer.

Why get tested?

Individuals suspected of having cancer risk, he/she will have the time to work with healthcare provider or physicians to make choices that feel right for him/her:

Initialing screening considerably earlier

For individuals who have elevated colon cancer risk, colonoscopies should be performed earlier and more frequently.


Some common medications have been shown to reduce the risk of cancers. For example, aspirin can reduce the risk of hereditary colon cancer.

Risk reduction surgery

Prevention usually involves surgical removal of the at-risk tissue, for example, conducting bilateral risk-reduction mastectomy (RRM) deceased risk of developing breast cancer in known BRCA1/2 mutation carriers.

Test panel

There are more than 200 different types of hereditary cancer syndrome. CloudHealth provides different combinations of genetic tests for different types of hereditary cancer syndrome with a total of 55 genes. Certain genetic test can be selected according to personal and family history.

Items Genes
BRCA1/2 Breast cancer and ovarian cancer BRCA1、BRCA2
gynecological oncology (breast cancer/ovarian cancer/ endometrial cancer) with 26 genes BRCA1、BRCA2、PTEN、TP53、CDH1、ATM、BRIP1、CHEK2、MSH2、MLH1、MSH6、PMS2、EPCAM、NBN、NF1、PALB2、RAD51C、RAD51D、STK11、BARD1、FANCC、MRE11A、MUTYH、XRCC2、SMARCA、RAD50
Colorectal cancer with 11 genes APC、BMPR1A、EPCAM、MLH1、MSH2、MSH6、MUTYH、PMS2、PTEN、SMAD4、TP53
Gastric cancer with CDH1 test CDH1
Colorectal cancer and gastric cancer with 24 genes APC、ATM、AXIN2、BLM、BMPR1A、CHEK2、EPCAM、EXO1、GALNT12、GREM1、LH3、MLH1、MSH2、MSH6、MUTYH、NTHL1、PMS1、PMS2、POLD1、POLE、PTEN、SMAD4、STK11、TP53
Melanoma with 5 genes CDKN2A、CDK4、TP53、PTEN、BRCA2
Prostate cancer with 5 genes BRCA2、BRCA1、CHEK2、TP53、NBN
Other cancers (kidney cancer, thyroid cancer, retinoblastoma and so on) with 13 genes MEN2a、MEN2b、VHL、TSC1、TSC2、FLCN、MET、FH、RB1、TP53、PTEN、CHEK2、MEN1


Sample collection

EDTA anticoagulative tube for 3-5 mL peripheral blood; mouth swabs for oral mucosa cells; saliva collection for saliva.

Test and analysis

Turnaround time from sample receipt to report issue is 25 days.

Issuing Reports

Issuing report and providing genetic counseling.


Advanced technology

The target region covers all coding exons of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes

Highly accuracy

Deep sequencing and rigorous process

Accurate interpretation

Assessment of variants according to international authoritative database

For population

1. Patients with cancer

2. Individuals from a family with hereditary cancer

3. Individuals who cares cancer risk