The research demonstrate that

Almost one-third of cancers are inherited.

Once a member of family gets cancer, the risk for others could reach as high as 30%.

Product features

The most high throughput sequencing platform in the world(HiSeq X Ten)

Rigorous experiments, data quality control, experimental verification

Detailed instructions about variants and cancers and the newest guide from American cancer research institutions.

Assessment based on combination of genome-wide test result, personal health history, and family cancer history.

Covers 12 types of cancers

Lung cancer: the highest morbidity and mortality for men

Breast cancer: the highest morbidity for women

Colorectal cancer: the most common cancer

Melanoma: early blood metastasis and high mortality

Renal carcinoma: incidence is increasing

Number of genes: 68

38+: Core genes of inherited tumor

30+: Genetic tumor related genes

Comprehensive risk evaluation

Based on association of genes and tumors, harmful variants, personal and family history of cancer

What can you know?

Risks of genetic cancers

Early detection for targeted health examination

Early intervention for targeted prevention