We are proud to tell that CloudHealth Nanjing and Yangzi Innovation Centre have been the first users of NovaSeq6000 around the world. Along with the recent installations of 20 brand new NovaSeq6000, 10 PacBio Sequel and 10 HiSeq X Ten sequencers, Yangzi Innovation Centre is now becoming the largest human genome sequencing center in China. CloudHealth Nanjing is proud to be a core member of this alliance with Yangzi Group.

CloudHealth Nanjing focuses on whole genome sequencing of newborns and children. With recent recruitments of senior experts in the field of genetic testing, CloudHealth has taken a stronger position in the industry, helping Yangzi Innovation Center achieving excellence in genomics and public health.

NovaSeq is expected to open a new avenue to the genetic testing market where very deep sequencing is required for detection of rare genetic variants, such as in heterogeneous tumor samples, large scale genome wide cohort studies associated with complex diseases. We hope those traditionally difficult studies may now be tackled with unprecedented feasibility, thanks to technological innovations.

CloudHealth Nanjing(Cloud Health Bioinformatics Nanjing Co., Ltd.),the branch company of CloudHealth, operates the world's most advanced high throughput genome sequencing platform, including NovaSeq6000, HiSeq X Ten and PacBio Sequel, in alliance with Nanjing Yangzi Innovation Center. Located in the Yangzi Innovation Center, CloudHealth Nanjing has established a high-throughput sequencing laboratory, in addition to more than 4000 square meters office space. We are also setting up a large data center and a very powerful high performance computing (HPC) system to tackle the large volume of genome sequencing data. CloudHealth Nanjing focuses on whole genome sequencing of newborns and children. We are committed to premium quality sequencing services and bioinformatics analysis through our world class team of domain experts. It is also our goal to help build Yangzi Innovation Center into a top national health center in China.

About CloudHealth Headquartered in Shanghai, CloudHealth is one of China’s leading genomics solution providers with a focus on comprehensive genomics-based solutions through high-throughput sequencing platforms. Through strategic partnerships with global leading institutes, corporations, world-renowned scientists and academicians, the company aims to advance precision medicine and become a global leading brand in personal genomics. CloudHealth prides itself on its ability to generate genomic data, to understand, diagnose and provide solutions to treat disease with an emphasis on using “big data” to develop preventive medicine metrics and precision medicines for a healthy society. In tandem with a holistic approach that also encompasses people’s well-being, state of wellness and knowledge of advancement in the areas of beauty, anti-aging and nutrition; to name a few; the goal is to reduce disease risks and enable people to live healthier lives.

Nanjing Yangzi Innovation Center has been designed and invested by Nanjing Yangzi Investment Group, all built with the highest international standards, totaling an area of 200,000 square meters. It is also the home of the first national health big data center in China. Yangzi Innovation Centre is becoming the largest human genome sequencing center in China, with recent installations of 20 brand new Illumina NovaSeq6000, 10 PacBio Sequel and 10 HiSeq X Ten sequencers.