President's speech

CloudHealth Genomics, Ltd. is a comprehensive genomics-based precision medicine solutions provider focused on bringing the best practices in diagnostics through innovation (liquid biopsy) and high-throughput (HighSeq X 10) genomics to the global healthcare ecosystem. CloudHealth Genomics is part of a larger CloudHealth Medical Group ecosystem, comprising of CloudHealth Life Center, CloudHealth High-End Clinic Center, CloudHealth Big Data Center, CloudHealth Genomics Research Institute, Academician Experts Workstation. CloudHealth Club of Medical Doctors, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Shanghai, China with international branches in US and Europe.

CloudHealth Genomics prides itself with a high-throughput genomics sequencing platform and a certified clinical genetic test lab to generate genomic data, to understand, diagnose and provide solutions to treat disease with an emphasis of using “big data” to develop preventive medicine metrics and guidance to develop precision medicines for a healthier society. In addition, through our integrated health management infrastructure, a “myCloudReportTM” is generated and reviewed by our local and international team of genetic counselors. The goal of CloudHealth Genomics is reducing disease risks and an improved quality of life for both our healthy and those at risk for disease, first in China, and then globally.   

From CloudHealth CEO and expert of Thousand Talents Program: Jason Gang Jin