HiSeq X Ten Lab

Integrated end-to-end solution, from sample receipt to detailed reports generated from the nucleic acid sequence data from whole genome sequencing on the HiSeq X10 platform.

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Clinical Genetic Test Lab

Our certified genetic testing laboratory offers high quality genetic testing, diagnostic and interpretive services for patients and families with genetic disorders and birth defects. Our state-of-the-art genomic facilities in Shanghai, China enable rapid turnaround of large volumes of patient samples, helping to advance the new era of genomic and precision medicine.

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"CloudHealth Genomics prides itself with a high-throughput genomics sequencing platform and a certified clinical genetic test lab to generate genomic data, to understand, diagnose and provide solutions to treat disease with an emphasis of using “big data” to develop preventive medicine metrics and guidance to develop precision medicines for a healthier society."

From CloudHealth CEO and expert of Thousand Talents Program: Jason Gang Jin